I am a full-stack digital marketing specialist with expertise in SEO, paid advertising (including search and social), web design & development and graphic design.

My journey into web design began at the age of 14, during a grade 9 tech class where I was introduced to HTML. The ability to craft online experiences from simple code captivated me. Recognizing my limitations due to age, I promptly requested my step-dad’s assistance to use his credit card for registering a domain and hosting account. This marked the inception of my hosting company, [CD] – CanadianDude.com, which soon welcomed its first paying customer, covering my hosting expenses.


I soon became entrenched in the world of HTML coding and coded my first online game, .: Inside Tha City :. (intentionally “Tha” for a touch of style). Here is a screenshot of the site in case you are curious.

Inside Tha City

This project was a testament to my ability to construct a website from scratch, incorporate dynamic PHP functionalities, manage a MySQL database, design engaging graphics, and attract an online audience.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs, with my grandfather leading the way with his own consulting business, my aunt with her various business ventures over the years including shared space rentals, health expos, and security ventures, as well as my uncle who runs a parking control company and security agency. It came naturally to help each of them with their website design, graphic design and social media. This allowed me to expand my skill set in web design and development and allowed me to make some extra money on the side.

In 2012 I launched SPIN Web Solutions with my friend and client Eddy Abounehme, who I had worked with over the years. Our early days highlighted the intense competition within web design and development, yet also revealed a significant market gap: many businesses lacked the know-how to effectively market their impressive websites. This led me to delve deeply into SEO, where I mastered the essentials of content creation and link-building strategies.

The digital landscape’s evolution towards fresh content, social media integration, and mobile responsiveness became apparent in 2012. Recognizing the necessity for businesses to adapt, I aimed to devise a strategy that would offer top-tier digital marketing services at an affordable monthly rate. This vision materialized with the launch of seoplus+ in mid-2012, a brand built on the pillars of exceptional customer service, transparency, and a results-driven approach. seoplus+ has since flourished, becoming a renowned digital marketing agency in Canada.

In 2014 I was approached by Camp Tech, a tech skills training company out of Toronto, to teach classes in SEO, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords as part of their launch into Ottawa. I gladly accepted the role and over the next 3 years taught countless students (primarily small business owners and marketing specialists) the basics of SEO, Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

Further expanding my role as an educator and advisor, I joined Invest Ottawa in early 2016, focusing on guiding businesses in establishing a robust online presence and SEO strategy. Through the Main & Digital bootcamp and the SEO peer-to-peer (P2P) group, I have shared my knowledge and expertise with a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Today, as the Chief Operating Officer of seoplus+, I oversee the daily operations, client campaign management, and the continuous growth of our brand. seoplus+ now boasts a team of over 50 dedicated digital marketing specialists based in Ottawa, Canada.

In 2020 I launched Capital City Ball Hockey League, a co-ed ball hockey league that runs one night per week in Ottawa.

seoplus+ has earned numerous accolades including the 2013 New Business of the Year from the Nepean Chamber of Commerce, a top-three placement Ottawa’s Fastest Growing Companies 2017, placed #36 on the STARTUP 50 by Canadian Business, highlighting Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies, named a Top Digital Agency 2019 by Clutch.